Pond Ideas

There are pond and water feature designs to suit every budget and transform your garden. Would you like a small wildlife pond complete with tadpoles, frogs and newts? Or do you want a formal pond with Koi and goldfish and paved surrounds? Do you need a pond to complement a cottage garden, or is it going to be the focus of a courtyard garden? A raised pond built to any size to show off some superb Japanese Koi? Perhaps a trickling water feature for the patio is more your style.

 The following examples will give you some ideas. 


These are the different types of pond that can add a touch of tranquility to your garden. They are as follows;

1) Raised Formal Ponds              are usually geometrical in shape and formal in design and made from brick or stone lined with mortar or butyl.


2) Wildlife Ponds            even the most compact gardens can host a wildlife pond, a place where water, wildlife and plants come together to create an ecosystem.


3) Sunken Formal Ponds              can be any shape you like, with butyl being the most versatile liner to use because it allows you to build a whole host of shapes and sizes


There are also many types of material types to line your pond, these include;

1) Rigid Liners;


These are self contained and it is easy to visualize the finished shape.

A top quality fibreglass liner is long lasting and relatively easy to repair.

Circular liners make really neat raised ponds with no creases or wrinkles.


They are difficult to install, to ensure that they resist the forces of the water, and to make look good.

Choice is limited, they are small in size, look very plastic and shiny, and are difficult to clean.

Are expensive.

They make badly insulated ponds.


2) Flexible (Butyl) Liners


The pond can be any size or shape.

Are most economical.

You can choose a flexible liner to suit your budget.

You get a guarantee to match your outlay - 5 years for the cheapest, right up to 35 years for the best quality butyl.


Flexible liners can be easily punctured by roots or by carelessness.

A deep pond means that there will be a lot of tucks in the liner at the edges.

The liner requires a lot of preperation and sub-structure, especially under the planting shelves and edges: concrete foundations, brick walls, and underlay on one or both sides.

3) Concrete/mortar Lined 

There are 2 methods of conctrete lining, the plastering method and the shuttering method. Both these methods pre-date more modern options but involve quite a bit of work.

Just ask for more details on this method of lining.






PONDS ARE ME Ltd Ltd are more than happy to undertake any type of pond you require. I will help and advise you on which pond type and size etc. would suit you most, and will endeavour to meet your requirements to the highest standard. 

 Below are some examples of the different types of ponds

 A concrete pond under construction