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Hi, my name is Brian Cann, an award winning pond designer trading as Ponds Are Me. Based in East Devon, we supply a 1-stop shop for the transformation of any garden particularly with the addition or revamp of any water feature from a pond to a small water fountain.


I have been passionate about water gardening and garden landscaping for over 20 years and have recently completed a 10,000 gallon pond of my own.


Everything from planning your pond to building it, from cleaning it to treating it, is done to perfection. With friendly advice to help you finish with a pond how YOU wanted it. I take the time to make sure you are satisfied with all things connected with your pond and garden.


Trust me to transform your garden with the addition of a stunning pond or water feature, or to bring your existing pond back to its' brilliant best. I will use my prize winning planning skills to be able to present you with the garden of your dreams!!

Brian Cann