Mr Sutherland of Exmouth contacted Ponds Are Me Ltd so as to sort out his rather overgrown and untidy 'nature pond'. As you will see in the picture, years of vegetation which had taken deep root needed to be removed, as well as part of the pond which had become basically an un kept flower border.


The pond was also surrounded by very well concreted rocks of very large sizes which also had to be removed.


It was decided not to return the flower border to its' previous life as part of the pond, it was instead to be transformed into a 'bog type area'. The pond was then basically re-split into two using a wall of sand bags. This makes a much more flexible method of adding a wall in a pond, as you can simply make it whatever shape you desire.


The pond was then lined with underlay and a new butyl sheet, to create a very new looking nature pond. As an added feature we constructed, much to Mrs Sutherlands' delight, a set of 'nature steps', to make easier access for the ponds inhabitants.


The rockery was reconstructed at the far end underneath the large yew tree, and to add that finishing touch, a small amount of Highland chipping was placed around the edges of the pond. 


A delighted Mr & Mrs Sutherland were thrilled with the outcome of the revamp, cherishing a nature pond that its' visitors will just thrive in. A fantastic seating area sits very close by, overlooking the pond and Mr & Mrs Sutherland are to set to work to tidy up that area so as they can spend many a day sat, admiring their fantastic new 'nature pond'.


Ponds Are Me Ltd returns to the Sutherlands' in May to overhaul their goldfish pond and to install a stunning new waterfall.

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