A return to Branscombe for Ponds Are Me Ltd. to the nature pond belonging to Mr Fastnedge. This was the pond we cleared out earlier in the year, transforming it from a mass of overglown plant and vegetatioon, to now what is a stunning looking pond.


 However, at the far left end of the pond was a shallower, almost like an overflow pond for the main pond. This did not look right, so Ponds Are Me Ltd were tasked to bring this part of the pond up to the same high standard of the main pond.


We removed all the very large outer stones which surrounded it, and placed in a new underlay and butyl liner. The rocks were placed back in slightly different positions, which created a brilliant effect around this part of the pond.


Mr Fastnedge was worried about where the overflow from this pond would go, so he decided that an overflow pipe be laid running into a soak away about 20 feet from the pond. The pipe was cleverly disguised with the gravel on the newly formed beach area, then the trench dug with a slight angle to aid the water to run down to the soak away.


So all in all, a job well done and a very satisfying one as Ponds Are Me Ltd always encourage and value the clients participation, and Mr Fastnedge certainly did that!


Ponds Are Me Ltd are due back to Branscombe later on in April to stock the nature pond with some brown carp, and to give the 'Orfe Pond', the other pond belonging to Mr Fastnedge a once over.

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