Spring is the most exiting time as a pond owner


The thought of the fish reappearing after those long winter months for their first feed of wheatgerm, the budding pond plants and that sun glistening on that beautiful clear pond water.

But it's all not that simple! We need to prepare the pond for the upcoming warmer summer days and nights. We need to clean the pumps and filters thouroughly which will help them with the soon to happen onslaught of fish mess etc, we need to be removing any visible waste matter like old leaves etc.

Being spring is the ideal time for a 'spring clean'. An ideal time to to clean out the pond from bottom to top. Remove the build up of all the silt and muck from the bottom, clean the sides of all the algae and potential blanketweed, remove some of the old plants and freshen up with some new, clean all the outer features like your waterfall and fountains.

The fish will thrive in a newly cleaned out, fresh looking pond. Spring is the ideal time to prepare your pond for those glorious summer months, but the hard work must be done first.

As for feeding, do not be fooled by the sunshine, be aware of the temperatures, both in and out of the pond. If you feed your fish and temperatures are below 10 degrees, you risk killing your fish, be patient and wait for continuous warmer temperatures.


When you do eventually start feeding, you must use a WHEATGERM based food to start, this is easier to digest for the fish, and gets them back easier into feeding mode!.