The latest pond undertaken by Ponds Are Me Ltd belongs to Mr French of Sidmouth. A pond that has not been operational for a while, due to several leaks in the pond itself, and also the header pool as well as the waterfall. So all in all the pond was in a pretty poor state, a job made for Ponds Are Me Ltd!


On the first morning it was found that the waterfall was in a far worse state than what we expected, so it was agreed with Mr French that a new waterfall was constructed, just to the right of the existing one. So a re-think and off to work it was. The pond was emptied of what remained, and the underlay and new butyl liner was put in place. Once this was done, work on the new waterfall could start, preparing it so as a buytl liner could be layed down over the course of the waterfall. Rocks were then placed down through the fall to add that bit of extra character. 


Finally the pond was filled and the edging stones(very large!) were put back in place. An all in one pump/filter was then installed so as to run the waterfall and to filter the water. Another satisfied customer in Mr French, who was thrilled with the end result.

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