Mr & Mrs White, a retired couple decided to have a pond and waterfall put in their very spacious garden in Taunton. They openly admitted to being complete novices to water gardening, so they tasked Ponds Are Me Ltd to design and construct a water feature for a corner of their garden, infact a corner which could be visible from their dining room, so it had to the 'perfect' design.


The first problem though was the lay of the garden, a drop of more than 18" from top end to bottom, as well as falling quite severley fro left to right. So to say the least, quite a tester!!


So off to work we went, from a hose pipe laying out the shape, to filling a skip with plenty of top soil. With the size of the garden, we decided to make up the height at what would be the rear of the pond and indeed the start of the waterfall course. This would give the pond a stunning back drop. To make up for the difference in levels, we constructed a wall using sand bags, this gave us an equal water level around the entire pond edge.


Alot of the top soil removed from the pond was also used to create the height at the back, so from a flat flower bed, it was transformed into an undulating rockery, which surrounds the very effective looking waterfall.


A new path was also laid, which now leads to the pond filter which is situated behind the rockery close to the top of the waterfall.


With a filter, a pump to run the waterfall as well as a fountain, an outside electrical socket set up was also placed out of sight at the rear of the pond. All of the electrical items can be switched on and off from the comfort of the Whites' conservatory. Mr White has also requested that a pond light, directed up towards the waterfall be added to the pond.


Heres how i did it:

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