Mr & Mrs Schofield of Tipton St.John are the delighted owners of this beautiful 'nature pond' that was in desperate need for an overhaul. An unusual pond in as much that it has no fish whatsovever, just a huge population of newts!. Mrs Schofield, with nature in her heart was very anxious regarding the clean up of the pond and was deeply conserned for the well being of the ponds inhabitaants, to the extent that every drop of water in the pond was removed by hand and bucket, and not only that, every bucket load of water was sieved through a net so as not to let any newt die during the clean!!!


After several hours (and buckets of water), the pond had been emptied and around 200 newts were placed into a container along with several dragon fly pupae and were safe during their ponds clean out.


A new beach area was formed at the head of the pond and along with the retrieved stepping stones buried under earth and grass, a very handy viewing area was re-introduced. With an old piece of  bark from the garden creating a practical barrier, chippings were placed carefully to create quite a stunning area.


The Schofields were really pleased with the pond once it had been finished, and could not wait to re-introduce the newts etc. They are also going to replant the pond with a few existing Iris, but will invest in some new lillies as well as a handful of other decorative marginals etc.

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